VIP Exclusive use

Max 30 Children

2  Hours VIP Exclusive Use ONLY £395! 


90 Mins Playtime

30 Mins Food

One make a Bear for Birthday Child

Children’s meal with a mini fruit shoot* or juice* for each child


9.00-11.00am party: orange or apple juice carton, pain au chocolate, brioche, piece of fruit/fruit pot, cookies, small hot chocolate and marshmallows


2.30-4.30pm & 5.15-7.15pm party:

Choose child meals from the following:

Chicken nuggets and chips (dairy free)

Fish fingers and chips

Sausage & chips

Margarita pizza slice & chips

Picnic box: Ham & cheddar  sandwich, party crisps, fruit, marshmallow and raisins, biscuits (dairy free options available) 

Afternoon parties are served with vegetable sticks, ice-lolly/icepop*, a small slushy* and mini fruit shoot


*subject to availability, food is served for the children up to a max of 30 children. Numbers must be confirmed one week before.



Book Now More Info <p style="margin-right:0pt"><strong>We ask that guest follow the party schedule to allow for through and prompt sanitising of the play areas and the building for our next guests.  </strong></p> <p>Party schedule</p> <p>*for parties that have crafting activities to take place 30 mins before meal in main room</p> <p>CUSTOMERS:</p> <p>9.00-11.00am</p> <ul> <li>Play: 9.00-10.30am</li> <li>Eat in Party Room: 10.30am </li> <li>Depart: 11.00am</li> </ul> <p>CUSTOMERS:</p> <p>2.30-4.30pm</p> <ul> <li>Play: 2.30pm-4.00pm</li> <li>Eat in Party Room: 4.00pm </li> <li>Depart: 4.30pm</li> </ul> <p>CUSTOMERS:</p> <p>5.15-7.15pm</p> <ul> <li>Play: 5.15pm-6.45pm</li> <li>Eat in Party Room: 6.45pm </li> <li>Depart: 7.15pm</li> </ul> <p>Covid –19 policy and legislation may change at any time, we will follow current law and guidance and expect our guests to do the same, this may mean changes to your booking numbers, additional restrictions or postponement.</p> <p style="margin-right:0pt"><em>Parties will be held on Saturdays and Sundays for VIP exclusive use only </em></p> <p style="margin-right:0pt"><strong>Orders MUST be confirmed one week before in writing only and cannot be amended, please see party T & C's.</strong></p> <p style="margin-right:0pt"> for enquiries and to confirm final numbers and menu choices</p>

Group Booking

11.45-1.45 Weekends

10 kids
2 adults 

(Numbers are set and non negotiable) 


Picnic boxes for the children (up to 10 children) 

1 hot drink for each adult 

Private seating space for the group

£120.00- please note this is a group booking; not a party, we will be open to the public for this session. 

Picnic box: Ham & cheddar  sandwich, party crisps, fruit, marshmallow and raisins, biscuits, mini fruit shoot (dairy free options available) 

additional adults and children can be booked through our normal admissions 

Book Now More Info <p>Normal booking terms and conditions apply see we site for details </p> <p></p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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